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                             Welcome to the Aarart Applique Tips

    We suggest that you consider your skill level and complexity of your creation.  

It may be advisable to hire a professional to mount your applique.  If your feel

you have the necessary skills, you will need the help of friends and family to

guide each applique as you mount them.  Best to arrange the party now!  

Remember to save the backing paper.

                                            Surface Preparation

    A smooth surface is best for applique.


    If you are planning to paint the surface, check with your paint retailer to ensure

you will leave enough curing time before applying your images.  If you are

planning to use multiple layers and colours of paint (sponge, spray or others)

check with your paint retailer for advice on suitability, timing and curing.  The

end result can be very effective.  If you apply your images too soon, you run the

risk of damaging your applique.

    If you are planning to work on an existing surface, try cleaning it with white

vinegar and clear water rinses.  Any existing film on the surface can effect your


    Try preparing your surface while your order is being printed and shipped to

you.   This will make the 3-4 week production and shipping time seem to go


                                           Before Mounting

    Organisation is a key for success.  We suggest you review your creation and

establish what images are mounted on top of the rest and on down to the bottom. 

Start a pile of your images with the top images first and then add each successive

level of images until you have the image at the bottom of your creation on the top

of your pile.  Now you can mount each image from the top to the bottom of your

pile.  Remember to save the backing paper!

                                             After Mounting

    The media your images are printed on is quite tough and can be washed using

mild dish soap and water on a soft cloth.  A clean soft cloth can be used in

rinsing  and a dry soft cloth for daubing the surface dry.  Consult your paint

retailer about cleaning.

    This is why you saved the backing paper.  Your applique can be remounted

several times so you can rearrange them, remove them, store them or sell or give

them to someone using the saved backing paper.

    Aarart can not guarantee the results using these tips.  These tips are for general

introduction purposes only.

See below:


                          Welcome to the Aarart Applique Terms

                              A Must Read So Let’s Keep It Simple

    As the artists and creators, Allan and Deborah Drew-Brook-Cormack hold all

copyright and intellectual property rights of the Aarart Applique website,

brochures, catalogues and the images contained within.  Unauthorised use or

reproduction is prohibited.

    Please remember that there is a 3-4 week production and delivery window.

    Any person ordering Aarart Applique or derivatives must be over eighteen

(18) years of age or have the permission of a parent or guardian to do so.

    Permission is granted to use the images and information contained in the

Aarart Brochures and Aarart Catalogues to discuss, plan and layout your

creation.   Permission is also granted to show, transmit and share images and

information contained in the Aarart Brochures and Aarart Catalogues as well as

your creations and plans.

    Aarart can not be responsible for the preparation of the surface or application

of your images.  We suggest you seek advice and guidance or hire a professional


    All orders are individually custom printed for you and as such, have no other

value.  This makes it important that the customer exercise care in their planning

and ordering of their images.

    Aarart will replace any image that has a production fault or shipping damage

free of charge.  The customer is responsible for refusing any damaged packaging.

    Aarart is willing to refund twenty (20) percent of the purchase price only for

straight returns, after the customer has prepaid the shipping costs.  The customer

must suitably repackage their applique in a FedEx tube, contact their local FedEx

location and ship their prepaid package to:

    Aarart Applique,

    c/o FedEx, 75 Reid Drive,

    Barrie, Ontario, CANADA

    L4N 9A5

    ph: 705 727-9644

   Under Special Handling check box:  Hold at FedEx Location

    The customer must ship by FedEx at their expense.  Aarart Applique will not

accept any costs for straight returns.